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About Us

Here at Australian Funerals & Cremations, we have been in the funeral industry for more than 10 years. We are located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. In that time, we have conducted many funerals of all religions, beliefs and races, as well as hosting non-religious services. On top of the multitude of funerals, we have planned, catered and hosted many pre- and post-memorial services.

This is a passion of ours, we strive to treat everyone as if they were family because in a time of need who doesn't need family. We owe our success in funerals and to one simple acronym: P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. We implement this principle into every funeral we look after. It is a simple acronym, however, its meaning is much more.





  • EASY





It may be simple but it's a way we make sure that we do the best for every single family that comes through our doors. It is in our blood to care so we put it into words.


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Mission Statement

We strive to bring the community compassionate and affordable funerals and memorial services. We promise to see you and your loved ones as family and treat you accordingly. We strive to treat you and your loved one as if you were part of our family. We maintain that affordable does not feel “cheap”. We promise that we will do all in our powers to fulfil your loved one's and your wishes and requests in terms of planning the funeral. We will help you through any and all choices that you are struggling with; we will be there to support you through the whole process and be there for you beyond the funeral.

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