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The main service we provide is funerals. We will provide you everything you need for you and your loved one in your time of need. Some of the other services which we provide are as follows; however, there may be more which we can do; all you need to do is ask.


Not everyone wants to be buried. There are multiple reasons why.
We provide cremations across many sites. We also provide multiple options for your loved one's ashes post-cremation; from jewellery, converted into a bio-friendly tree pod and even the ability to have you/your loved one's ashes converted into a diamond.


The more common of requests. We work with you to find the best place to put you or your loved one to rest. We will do all the legwork and the majority of the paperwork. There are over 11 different cemeteries in Victoria, we will try our best to find the most peaceful resting place for your loved one.

Pre-Paid Funerals

Pre-paying a Funeral is a great way to lock in today’s prices. Sadly, just like with life, everything goes up in price. This is a way to ensure that you're saving your loved ones the stress of paying for your funeral. The funds that you pay for your funeral is put into a trust, and you are given a certificate of currency. The funds are only used when the funeral is needed.

The Average price to send a loved one to Europe is around $14,500. However, please call us to get a quote as prices can very dependent on where they need to go. 

Our skilled staff will provide a comprehensive pre-paid funeral service which looks beyond the simplistic monetary side of things. We provide you with a step by step system you and your family need for being prepared for a funeral. There is no legal obligation to either party to undertake this plan when the time comes, and you can keep the plan.

Beautiful Lake


Some families wish to receive donations to specific charities in lieu of flowers. The most common charities that families donate to are to the charities related to the conditions that the family member had (I.e. Cancer

On the day of your loved one's funeral, one of our directors will leave a lovely box near the entrance of the building and assist you and provide you with the next step.


If your loved one wishes to be returned to their home country, we are completely certified and accredited to facilitate the travel arrangements of your loved one. One of our staff members will go through all the paperwork and requirements with you, as well as answer all questions you may have.
We are also the only funeral company in Australia that is 100% registered and certified by all the Orthodox churches.


There are many different types of monuments and even more makers. Monuments are a beautiful way to have an everlasting memorial that family and friends can come and pay respects to. Our skilled and caring staff are here to help guide you to a find the best monument and the best builder. We treat you like family and only want the best for you and your loved one.

Viewings, Trisagion, and Private Viewings

Upon request, we provide viewings and private viewings at our funeral home. We can also try to arrange a viewing or Trisagion at a church of your choosing or a church we can arrange on short notice. Our facilities can facilitate up to 120 guests at a time.

Clouds Parting on a Funeral

HD Live Streaming

We are one of the very few funeral companies that offer HD streaming and also have the recording facilities to accommodate a full-HD stream. We offer this for funerals and/or wakes online. Not only that, but we will set up the stream at any angle and focus on any parts you want, we can also have a dynamic camera-person for an additional fee, meaning you will have the best coverage available. We stream through a private YouTube which invites only, so we will need an email of those who would like to watch the stream.

Video and Photography

We offer a video and/or photography for all events. We have strong connections to multiple videographers and photographers who will capture every moment of the event/s. These professionals will take capture everything and respect your wishes and privacy. One of our staff members will ask you before the day what you would like included and excluded in the photos/videos.

Wakes, Pre, and Post-Funeral memorials

We go above and beyond to plan, manage and execute all your wake needs. We have planned and managed numerous events which have created everlasting memories. Not only that, but we work closely with caterers, facility managers and a multitude of other professionals to ensure you have the all that you need. Nothing is too big or too small for us. We can have photographers come and capture those priceless moments when they happen. We also have camera people who will document and make a beautiful collaboration of stories by friends and family members; what better way to remember all the good stories, memorable moments and capture the true character your family member was.

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