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Pre-Paid Funerals

Why Should You Pre-Pay Your Funeral?

Choosing to prepay your funeral with Australian Funerals and Cremations offers numerous compelling reasons to consider this heartfelt decision.

Lock in today's prices for funeral services, ensuring your loved ones are protected from future price increases due to inflation.


Your prepaid plan provides financial security and spares your family from unexpected expenses.

Personalise every detail of your farewell to reflect your unique journey and values. With a prepaid funeral, create a meaningful tribute that resonates with your loved ones, celebrating your life in a way that truly represents you.

Relieve your family from making challenging decisions during a time of grief by planning. Your thoughtful approach offers emotional relief, allowing them to focus on cherishing your memories instead.

Rest assured that your prepaid funeral funds are held in trust, ensuring the money is protected and used solely for its intended purpose.

Find peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be honoured with care and dignity, leaving a lasting legacy of love.

Take control of your future and gift your family the reassurance they deserve. Contact us today to discuss our flexible prepaid funeral plans and create a heartfelt tribute that celebrates your life, your way.

Key Points We Will Discuss With You

prepaid funerals are a great way to leave your loved ones better off

Planning Questions

What do want to happen to you:

Do you want a Burial or a Cremation?

If Cremated, What Do You Want To Be Done With The Ashes:
We offer a wide range of different options for what to do with ashes. See our Cremation page here


What do you want in a coffin? We offer many different varieties, from simple and affordable to the more exotic and everything in-between.

The Funeral:

The most complex part of the planning process. Where do you want the funeral to be held? Whom would you like to oversee your funeral? What music would you like? Would you like your family to be involved? Do you want flowers? Are there any special considerations that you would like handled?

The Wake/Post Funeral Gathering:

Is there anywhere you'd like to have it, is there a special place you'd like to be remembered? Any special photos, videos.

Special Requests:

Anything, in particular, you'd like doing? Video message? Writing a special letter to those you love? Or any other requests we can fulfil.



We also suggest getting your will seen to if you already haven't. An up-to-date Will is a great way to ensure your family knows exactly what your wishes are. We can suggest a few solicitors we know and have worked with in the past, but you are not obliged to go with. 

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