Pre-Paid Funerals

Why Should You Pre-Pay Your Funeral?

The main reason to pre-pay anything is simple: times change and with that prices only grow higher. It is unfortunate but a truth; Every year the simple prices of everything goes up and sadly important things like healthcare, insurance and funerals are not immune to that.
By Pre-paying your funeral, you ensure that you're not paying tomorrow's prices today.

The more important reason to Pre-pay your funeral is that you're taking one of the most challenging and assiduous tasks away from your family. By Pre-paying your funeral, you are, you're ensuring that your family don't have to stress and worry about funding a funeral in a time that emotions are running rife and clear thinking is better saved for remembering a loved one.

You may want to take up our services and Pre-Plan your funeral as well. You can sit down with one of our trained and experienced team members and go through almost every single aspect of the funeral with our team member.

Key Points We Will Discuss With You

Planning Questions

What do want to happen to you:

Do you want a Burial or a Cremation?

If Cremated, What Do You Want To Be Done With The Ashes:
We offer a wide range of different options for what to do with ashes. See our Cremation page here


What do you want in a coffin? We offer many different varieties from simple and affordable to the more exotic and everything in-between.

The Funeral:

The most complex part of the planning process. Where do you want the funeral to be held? Whom would you like to oversee your funeral? What music would you like? Would you like your family to be involved? Do you want flowers? Are there any special considerations that you would like handled?

The Wake/Post Funeral Gathering:

Is there anywhere you'd like to have it, is there a special place you'd like to be remembered? Any special photos, videos.

Special Requests:

Anything, in particular, you'd like doing? Video message? Writing a special letter to those you love? Or any other requests we can fulfil.



We also suggest getting your will seen to if you already haven't. An up-to-date Will is a great way to ensure your family know exactly what your wishes are. We can suggest a few solicitors we know and have worked with in the past but you are not obliged to go with.