Frequently asked questions

What Makes You Different

There's a simple answer to that, and it's a very bold statement.
We don't like to profit off peoples sadness. We, unlike the competition have a very little profit margin. The competition have hidden fees, and over-charge on everything. We offer 100% transparency, we don't hide fees or charges. Our Basic prices include EVERYTHING that is required to look after your loved ones; The competition's "Basic" funerals or services are only charging you for their time, everything on top of that is a "extra" things you may assume are included e.g cremation fees are not included. We don't believe in this practice. Honesty means something to us.

What Do I Do If A Loved One Passes Away?

Firstly let us pass on our condolences, this is never an easy time for you and your family. We have out together a comprehensive "what to do" page that lists all of the stages.
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Call Us on: 0419588985 to help walk you through this process.

Can You Arrange a Wake For Us?

Yes! We are quite experienced at creating and managing wakes. we have pulled off the most lavish wakes to quite gatherings at the family home. We will be involved as much as you would like us, from full control auto-pilot allowing you to focus on your friends and family to simply arranging it so that people know exactly where to go after the funeral

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What Does Your Basic Packages Include

Our Basic Packages are just that. Basic. Unlike our compitation we have included all the costs it requires to bury or cremate your loved one. we don't hide our prices, and then suprise you with the real price. or basic prices are everything you need, you can choose to add as much as you like or as little as you like all prices are listed so you don't get a shock.

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Do I Need Flowers?

Short answer: No

Extended answer: It depends on what you want and like. If you're having a basic, closed casket cremation flowers can be a waste of money; however flowers are beautiful and can really make an open casket look beautiful, they also make a stunning addition to a burial.

We work closely with one of Melbourne's best florists to ensure our clients get the best possible flowers at the best price.