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Funeral Planning

When it comes time to plan the funeral, there are many things to consider.

All of these will be run through with you by our caring staff.


Things that will be asked:


  • Are there any religious needs or requirements needed? We have many religious affiliations and are happy to cater and attend to all needs.

  • Is there anyone in particular that you would like to conduct the ceremony? This is important and people to consider are: a Clergy, Priest, or a Religious representative; a Celebrant or a family member or friend.

  • Any special considerations, or requests you may have for the funeral. We are happy to do anything in our powers to accommodate the requests and make your loved one's funeral the best and most respectful we can.

Venue Choice

Your loved one may have had a request as to where they would like to have the ceremony, the pre- or post-funeral celebration.


They may have been known at a sporting club, a social club or another facility that they or you may think a fitting place to hold a tribute to the memory of your loved one, be that in the form of a pre- or post-funeral celebration.



We are happy to help in the process, planning and running of more than the funeral. We have skilled planners and caterers available who can make your celebration run smoothly and be taken care of, so you can focus on being there for your friends and family when they most need you

Picking A Venue

When trying to plan and organise a venue and funeral, things can become difficult and overwhelming. With our years of experience, we can give you gentle guidance and assistance on the best way to approach this important event.

Things to consider when looking for a facility

  • What is the expected attendance?

  • Will it be an adequate setting?

  • Will you require funeral transport vehicles?

  • Will you require a limo/transport cars?

  • Is the venue easy to find?

  • Is there ample parking for those who will attend?

  • Are there any time restrictions on the venue?

Funerals Melbourne
Funerals Melbourne
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