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Funerals and grieving, a situation to be prepared for.

Updated: May 13, 2022

Funerals, Prepaid funerals

Funerals and grieving, a situation to be prepared of

Funerals and grieving are one of the most extreme situations a person can endure after someone in the family passes away. It is because of the vast amount people you have to attend to family, friends of your loved one there may seem to be no end, much more, if the dead are from a big family or a very prominent person in the society.

On top of the grief, it is the expenses associated with the funeral that may worry the grieving family the most. For wealthy families, this isn't so much of a problem, but, for the less affluent families, there is the problem.

The options:

Because of this, many businesses, are finding ways, to be able to serve this kind of market. It is a huge market share, considering the very expensive burial land in the city today. Here, comes the birth of many prepaid funeral businesses in the country. These companies are offering different funeral packages to the people, such as cremation, and funeral packages, thus, giving them the flexibility to choose, which one fits their needs. It is one way of providing people with some relief of their pain and anxiety.

How to choose a good prepaid funeral provider?

Getting a prepaid funeral package is the best way to secure a fair price and have time to process it; however, it is at times a gamble. It is because not all funeral companies will be as honest and forthcoming as Australian Funerals & Cremations. Most funeral companies won't disclose their full prices but only part of their prices. The other is who do they use to support their trusts.


A. Call the Funeral company up if they disclose their prices on their website. Ask them for their rock bottom price, if that alters from what they show on their website then you know they're only money grabbers and don't respect you as a person. AVOID these companies.

B. Look for the information on their website about their prepaid funerals, see if there's any information that differs from their other packages. Prepaid funeral trusts only cost $200-$400 to set up, any more than this and they're just taking advantage of you.

C. Enquire as to exactly who will manage the trust that your money is going into. Make sure that the institution is a trusted and reputable one.

What are the consequences of a wrong choice?

The main consequence is that you will overpay your prepaid funeral. This means you will not leave your family with as much as you could. The other issue is that if you allow them to take advantage of you they will continue to do the same to others, again and again


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