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Hidden Costs In The Funeral Industry

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Funeral industry should be there to look after you and your loved ones, but at times some companies can take advantage of the pain and vulnerability of people. Some Funeral companies offer absurdly cheap funerals and services. What they don't show you is the issue.

We here at Australian Funerals & Cremations offer 100% transparency, or packages are everything you need except the cemetery costs (if you choose to be buried). Everything on top of those packages is completely your choice.

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Hidden costs with most funeral directors will have you reeling

Firstly lets look at what average funerals can cost

According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the average Cremation is $4,000 and Funerals can cost Up to $15,000 for more extravagant funerals. Budget Direct further delves into this issue and looks at the average cost of simple cremations and funerals. they state that the average basic unattended Cremation is $4,400 and a simple Burial averages $4,600. You can see simple exert from Budget Direct below.

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Claims

Across the industry it's not uncommon to see claims of funerals and cremations "starting at" this is a red flag, if you see something "starting at" anything under $2,000 for a cremation be cautious. The Cremation fee that funeral directors pay is around $1000, this is before they add cost of transport, that can be upward of $500, Medical certificates and Births & Deaths registration: $200, and coffin, that can cost up to and including $500. Your basic cremation at cost is just about $2,200 really dependent on coffin, the others are fixed and not able to be changed so at best it still costs $1,900 to $2,000 min. Moreover, not many funeral directors include GST in that. So, that can be around $2,200 before they actually start to charge you their service fees.

This also goes for funerals. For a basic funeral and cremation your overheads are the same plus the cost of rental of space and normally the cost of coffin is higher. So can start around $3,000 for a cremation. The thing to keep in mind is if you wish for your loved one to be buried fees from the cemetery are very high, for a single plot of land, digging and equipment it can be anywhere over $5,300.

"'Funerals starting from $465' is one of the biggest lies you will come across"

Companies that's website offer things like funerals starting at $465 and cremations for $1,400 are just trying to get your attention, they know most people in their time of need are not going to look around and find a better deal. They know you won't argue when they start to increase their fees and end up being more than other companies, who are much more forthcoming in their funeral and cremation packages.

"If it looks too good to be true; it probably is"

Our prices are the base rate, they include everything needed to be cremated, and our burial packages include everything excluding cemetery fees; however, cemetery are passed on at cost, we don't take any commission, we will even look for the best price at the cemetery of your choosing.

Australian Funerals and Cremations are here for you for anytime day or night. We have helped more than 500 families send off their loved ones.

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