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The Cost Of A PrePaid Funeral

Updated: May 13, 2022

Question: What is the average cost of a prepaid funeral?
Answer: As much as you'd like.

Here at Australian Funerals & Cremations we do prepaid funerals all do a large amount of prepaid funerals; we are always asked one of four questions.

1: How much will this cost me?

2: Do I have to pay it all at once or is there a payment plan option?

3: Why should I Prepay my funeral?

4: Do I have to prepay a funeral if I just want a Cremation?

These are all valid questions and hopefully, we can put your mind at ease or at least, give you a little more clarity.

"How much does a prepaid funeral cost?"

To be brutally honest, there's no one answer to that, Here at Australian Funerals & Cremations, we offer a basic Prepaid cremation at $4,600 no more to pay.

However, if you want a burial or cremation & funeral, you're looking at higher prices.

Firstly, a Funeral and Burial; with burial the thing people don't tell you is that the SMCT (Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust) fees for a plot of land in one of their cemeteries are very high, around $2,300+ for a basic plot high, just for the plot and then you need to add on digging fees etc which is a few extra hundred, so before you look at funeral fees, morgue fees and transportation fees. This can be said for most Cemetery trusts around Australia you're already at the $4000+ mark. Sadly this next point is where the big dogs of the industry really rip you off.

For us we charge all the above-listed things (funeral fee, Morgue fees etc) at near cost, the bigger companies will charge you markup beyond reason, and when it's a prepaid funeral the fees go up again.

The basic prepaid funeral, no embalming, no flowers and no celebrant or speaker (asides family) held at our chapel or graveside start at $5,700 (No more service fees to pay Inc GST) + the fees of whichever crematory you want to be buried at. We pass cemetery fees on to you at cost. But we suggest you talk to the cemetery to find your perfect plot.

Case study;

A woman in her late 60's prepaid a funeral with a big funeral company 18 years ago.

All she paid for was a simple cremation, and no service, no viewings, basic coffin.

Today Australian Funerals & Cremations charge $4,600.

What she paid 18 years ago: $5,600.

12 years ago, the big companies were charging over $1,000 than what you would pay TODAY, $1,000

"She paid $,1,000 more than what you would today with us"

"Do I have to prepay all at once or is there a contribution plan option?"

There is a payment plan available to everyone, regardless of age or financial situation. There's no minimum contribution.

The only downside of the payment plan is we cannot guarantee the cost of burial fees.

You can pay this weekly, fortnightly or monthly, you contribute as much as you like or as much as you can If you pass away your estate or family can pay the remainder of the plan.

We suggest if financially possible you pay the full amount to secure all of the fees at today's prices.

"Why should I Prepay my funeral?"

A question asked all the time and a for a good reason. People think from time to time that funeral companies are trying to rip them off by offering people prepaid funerals, as much as we'd love to agree with that statement it really isn't true. However the truth is prepaid funerals are a fantastic thing, the prices the big companies charge is the infuriating thing, this is where the big companies rip you off.

The main reason to prepay your funeral; your family. Once you depart this world your family are left to burden the costs of your funeral or even your cremation. You can help your family by not putting them through this when they're emotionally weak and the big companies are ready to take advantage of that.

By prepaying your funeral you can ensure that everything is well planned and thought-out, saving others the hassle and stress of organising things when the time comes.

"Do I have to prepay a funeral if I just want a Cremation?"

The short answer is no, but just like prepaid funerals, if you don't prepay today, you will pay tomorrow's prices. As simple as that, we have no idea the costs of burials or cremations in the future, we don't know how much we will have to cover, so prices will sadly only go up in price.

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