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Why Us? Breaking Down Your Choice of Funeral Directors

Updated: May 13, 2022

We're More Affordable

When someone passes away, your first instinct is to look online, or maybe you remember an ad from the radio or the TV. We don't advertise on the radio or TV simply because we can't afford it. We would rather pass on savings to you and not charge you for our overheads in advertising. TV & Radio ads cost tens of thousands, and someone has to pay for it, that person is you.

Unlike the competitions who have enormous overheads and are forced to pay large amounts to keep up appearances, our overheads are relatively low. This fact alone means we can charge fairer and reasonable prices.

We Care For You & Your Family

We are here for you 24/7 call us at any time day or night. We will do everything we can to assist your family. We always check in with families a month after a funeral to see how everyone is going, especially the spouse of the departed. We have guided a few people to support groups and social groups such as The Men's Shed.

Sometimes the loss of a significant other can cause people to "give up" there's nothing sadder than seeing one parent pass away and watch another wither away.

We are people, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters long before we're funeral directors. We care for each and every person who comes to us with compassion and caring. Not because it's good business practice, but because it's what any good person would do.

We Haven't Always Been Funeral Directors

Although we have been in the industry for more than 10 years, prior to that we were a multitude of things. Andrew was a teacher; Peter was in the food industry; Wendy (owner and funeral director) was in the pharmacy industry and James (Me!) is still a nurse in the emergency rooms of Melbourne.

Since most of us have been in industries which are steeped in compassion and trust. That is what we bring to you, Compassion and Trust, Here at Australian Funerals & Cremations we are 100% transparent, we have nothing to hide and have been there for the community for years before us entering the funeral industry.

We Service Most of Victoria

We work mostly out of the SE suburbs of Melbourne; however, we will and do travel to Geelong, Northern Victoria and out to Gippsland. We will come to you and hold the funeral in your area. We have experiences with all sorts of places and different chapels and facilities. We don't charge any extra for these services. Give us a call to find out if we'd come to you, see our contact page

We Will Try To Match If Not Beat Any Quote

We are so very confident in our services and prices, that we will try to beat any quote you will get, and if you get a quote from one of the bigger companies we will beat it, no question. That's how confident we are.

Don't forget to visit our main site: for more information on our services.

Contact us at

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Phone: (03) 9540 9555

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